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Digital Marketing for Home Builders


Century Home Builders


Tamiami, FL.


Aerial Photography & Videography

Century Home Builders Group, the largest Hispanic-owned homebuilder in the nation, approached us to showcase the impressive addition of a new asphalt street at their Century Gardens South development. With a stellar track record of building over 16,000 homes for South Florida families, they needed fresh aerial imagery (photos and videos) to market this distinctive community in a prime location.

Our team at AUG Imaging responded swiftly, delivering the required aerial photos and videos in less than 24 hours. This speedy turnaround exemplifies our ability to provide on-demand aerial imaging solutions precisely when our clients need it most.

The stunning visuals we captured will be utilized by Century Home Builders Group for marketing purposes, vividly portraying the fantastic development and creating unforgettable homeownership experiences – a value we share along with maintaining a sterling reputation through community service and empowering talented individuals.

We look forward to more exciting collaborations with Century Home Builders Group, where our cutting-edge aerial imaging capabilities bring their visions to life through captivating visuals.

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