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Digital Marketing for Home Builders


Century Home Builders


Tamiami, FL.


Aerial Photography & Videography

Let's dive into our latest adventure with Century Home Builders Group and their exciting development, Century Gardens South. These folks have a stellar track record, having built over 16,000 homes for South Florida families. They're not just big; they're the largest Hispanic-owned homebuilder in the nation, known for their distinctive communities in prime locations.

So, Century Home Builders Group was almost ready to unveil their new asphalt street at Century Gardens South. It was time for some fresh aerial imagery (photos and videos) to showcase this impressive addition. Guess who they called? Yep, your friendly neighborhood AUG Imaging.

Here's the impressive part: we didn't just answer the call; we delivered the goods in less than 24 hours. Talk about speedy service! This speedy turnaround highlights our ability to provide on-demand imagery precisely when our clients need it most.

Now, those stunning photos and videos aren't just for show. Century Home Builders Group will use them for marketing, painting a vivid picture of their fantastic development. It's all about creating unforgettable homeownership experiences, maintaining a sterling reputation through community service, and empowering talented individuals—all values we share.

Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations with Century Home Builders Group, where we turn their visions into captivating visuals.

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