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Improving Google Listing Visibility.




Miami, FL.


Virtual Tour, Google Listing Update.

Coulisse approached us with a need for a modern and engaging way to showcase their sales office and distribution facility to potential clients. They wanted to provide an inside look at their state-of-the-art facilities and products and were interested in leveraging the latest technology to do so.

Our team at AUG Imaging immediately saw the potential for a custom branded virtual tour, complete with 360 aerial views and lead generation capabilities. We worked closely with Coulisse to create a tour that would provide an immersive and interactive experience for their audience, giving them a unique glimpse into Coulisse's operations and offerings.

In addition to the virtual tour, we also updated Coulisse's Google profile with 360-degree imagery of their office and facility. This not only enhanced their online presence, but also helped with their search engine optimization efforts. By providing potential clients with an up-to-date, interactive look at Coulisse's business, we were able to help them stand out from their competition and connect with their audience on a deeper level.

Overall, our team at AUG Imaging was proud to partner with Coulisse on this project and deliver results that exceeded their expectations. By leveraging the latest technology and our expertise in aerial media solutions, we were able to empower Coulisse and help them achieve their business goals. We look forward to continuing to support Coulisse and other leading businesses with our comprehensive suite of aerial imaging services.

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