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Aerial Imaging Solutions for Construction


Conconcreto Construction


Doral, FL.


Site Capture, Aerial Photography & Video, Aerial Virtual Walkthrough

Leading construction and home building companies Conconcreto Construction and Century Home Builders group required frequent and high-quality aerial captures of their project site in Doral, FL – a 326-unit residential building with eight stories and 35,700 square feet of commercial space.

Our team at AUG Imaging provided monthly site captures using drone photography and videography, along with custom-branded aerial walkthroughs. This allowed developers, project executives, and stakeholders to remotely monitor progress and facilitate efficient communication among all parties involved.

By leveraging our expertise in aerial imaging solutions, we empowered Conconcreto Construction and Century Home Builders to efficiently monitor and manage their project sites. Our cutting-edge technology and aerial photography/videography capabilities delivered outstanding results, enabling seamless site monitoring and project oversight.

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