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Marketing Florida's Largest Food Bank


Farm Share Florida


Homestead, FL.


Aerial Photography & Video, Virtual Tour

Farm Share, Florida's homegrown food bank, sought to capture the impact of their food drives through compelling visuals. AUG Imaging stepped in to provide aerial video and photography, documenting these critical events from a unique perspective.

Given Farm Share's headquarters' proximity to Homestead Air Reserve Base and its location in restricted airspace, AUG Imaging navigated the necessary approvals and coordinated with the FAA and the air base to ensure safe drone operations alongside daily fighter jet training activities.

Leveraging its licensed expertise, AUG Imaging successfully captured stunning aerial footage and photographs of Farm Share's food drives, providing valuable marketing content to showcase their mission.

Furthermore, AUG Imaging created an immersive virtual tour of Farm Share's commercial headquarters facility. This virtual tour allows donors, stakeholders, and individuals who may be unable to visit in person to explore the facility remotely, fostering a deeper connection with Farm Share's operations.

Through this collaboration, AUG Imaging empowered Farm Share to visually convey their commitment to combating food insecurity and highlight their innovative approach to recovering crops and distributing fresh, nutritious food to Floridians in need.

Explore the Virtual Tour

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