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Marketing Media for a Miami Urban Farm


Urban Green Works


Miami, FL.


Highlight Video, Virtual Tour, Aerial Photography & Video, Cinematography

Urban Green Works (UGW) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing planetary and population health through a multi-disciplinary, solutions-oriented approach. AUG Imaging collaborated with UGW to create compelling visual content that showcases their mission and initiatives.

Our team visited UGW's farm on multiple occasions, capturing footage of their farming activities and their partnership with Barry University. We conducted an interview with Roger Horne, UGW's President, who shared insights into their work and vision.

Utilizing the gathered content, AUG Imaging crafted a highlight video that encapsulates UGW's mission, initiatives, and their call to action for community engagement. The video serves as a powerful tool to raise awareness and inspire others to get involved.

Additionally, we created an immersive virtual tour of UGW's farm, allowing viewers to explore the facility remotely and gain a deeper understanding of their operations. This virtual experience is a valuable resource for those who may not have the opportunity to visit in person.

Furthermore, AUG Imaging provided updated professional photography for UGW's website and social media platforms, capturing the essence of their work and enhancing their visual presence online.

The highlight video, virtual tour, and updated photography are now available on UGW's website (, serving as powerful resources to educate and engage their audience about their mission and initiatives.

Watch the Video

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