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Marketing Media

For Leading Brands

Generate Attention.

Drive Sales.

Build Community.

We empower brands with imagery that tell their story.

AUG is a strategic imaging firm with a unique approach to help brands maximize their presence through advanced imagery and storytelling solutions.

Let's tell your story.

What Can We Do For You?

A Lot.

For 10+ years we have been capturing beautiful photographs and videos for our clients. Our creative team is versed in telling stories that resonate across mediums.

Photography & Video


Our team will craft strategic video campaigns designed to boost your brand awareness, engagement, and perception across all channels.

Social & Influencer Content


We utilize the latest technology like drones to provide stunning cinematic visuals and data driven imagery for our clients in the construction and land development industry. 

Drone Imaging & Digital Twins


We build Immersive digital tours for your customers to experience your brand like never before. Whether it's a 24/7 open house for your listing, or a virtual site walkthrough for project investors, our tours will help you engage others.

360° Virtual Tours


We've been quick to deploy cutting edge AI tools and techniques across our organization and help our clients do the same using best practices.

Artificial Intelligence Adoption


Aerial view of the FIU Biscane Bay Campus

We bring our expertise to multiple industries, partnering with leaders to redefine what is possible, one project at a time.

Our Focus Areas


As your committed imaging partner, we see projects through to completion with our comprehensive site documentation packages. Just set your desired capture interval, and leave the rest to us. Monitor and track progress effortlessly from anywhere.



AUG Imaging specializes in construction site imaging using drones.

We understand the importance of stunning visuals when it comes to selling properties. Our team specializes in creating beautiful photographs, videos, and 360 imagery that will showcase your portfolio worthy listings and leave a lasting impression.

Real Estate


AUG Imaging specializes in real estate marketing solutions.

We've partnered with businesses of all shapes and sizes to create magazine-worthy imagery that attracts customers and drives sales. Our proven expertise in visual storytelling ensures your brand's unique story stands out.

Business / Nonprofit


AUG Imaging specializes in business and nonprofit marketing solutions.

Our custom virtual tour and video solutions enable schools and universities to recruit top talent from across the world through personalized virtual visits and immersive digital experiences. 



AUG Imaging specializes in marketing solutions designed for Universities.

We Plan, We Create,
We Deliver


Go behind the scenes of our most recent projects. Read the case studies below to learn how we create transformational imaging solutions for our clients. 

Latest Projects

A rolex watch


Boosting Retail Sales

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